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Your Business Identity…It defines who you are and what you do!

Monique Johnson

We recently had the pleasure of re-creating a Business Image for one of our favorite event planners, Monique Johnson from Monx Design House.  

Monx Design House is a boutique event company that takes pride in collaborating with their clients to accomplish all that they require and more to bring their special event, wedding, fundraiser or party to life.  Their mission is to produce a beautifully executed event for each of their clients.

“Creative design, organization, attention to detail…. This is what makes an event stand out”.

And as a company, they stand out too.  Even more now with their new look!

Working with the above sentence (from their website) in mind, we started to develop a look for them that clearly defines who they are and what they do for their clients.

Monx Design House is an event design and planning business that prides itself in being able to design  both contemporary and classic style events very well.  Monique wanted a new identity that helped connect prospective clients with her business and wanted the logo to speak for itself.

Here are Monique’s answers to questions about logo design and how  important it is to the image of her business.

  1. Why did you feel you wanted/needed a new logo?  I needed and wanted to brand my company with a look and feel that drew in the client base that we currently work with and the potential clients that we want to work with.
  2. How has the new logo impacted your business and how has it made you feel personally?  The new logo clearly defines what my company does and the image that we want to project.  It has made me as a business owner feel even more confident about the business and establishes our position in our industry and local community.
  3. Do you plan to use it for your website and for other business materials?  Absolutely!  The new logo has encouraged the re-launch of my company.  Now I want to have my logo on as many mediums as possible from signage, print materials and giveaways.   
  4. What feedback have you had regarding your logo design?  The feedback has been fabulous.  It speaks to the culture and image of my company.  Many people have said to me that the logo is me…meaning, if you could sum up the business in an image, it would be the logo that was created for us from Soiree, Andover.
This is the former business card and logo
It did the trick of getting information out there but the style wasn’t quite right.  They wanted a look and feel that sent the message of who they are as a business.
Monique wanted a look that summed up the image she wanted to portray to her clients.
After meeting and expressing the feel of the image she wanted to project, we came up with a new look.
Here is the new business card.  This is the front…
and this is the back of the card…
We kept the front streamlined and easy to read.  Not too much information, not too much text.  Just a clear picture of the image of the business.  The block color represents a modern, clean look and the use of the scripted font represents a classic feel.  The front of the card also clearly states who they are and what they do at a glance without giving all the details.
Want to know more?  Turn the card over and get all the details. It’s all there, together, where it belongs.
The Monx Design House  business card was developed so it would deliver a clear message, be easy to recognize and
always be associated with the  business it belongs to.
So…why not show that first…by itself!!
Think…Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, Sony, AAA to name a few.
What does your business card say about your business??

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